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Ever wanted to travel the world independently? To explore countries that others cannot get to? To have a reliable, comfortable and above all, safe platform from which to do it?

With extensive overland experience across several continents, we know what works and what it takes to build a vehicle able to withstand the harsh realities of overland exploration, corrugations, dirty fuel, tyre problems and mechanical breakdowns.

We have a menu system so you can select what best suits your circumstances.

  • Vehicle sourcing & acquisition LHD or RHD
  • Habitation module bare, or fully complete
  • Refurbishment and upgrade service
  • Torsion frame design and build
  • Full build
  • Bespoke design and build service

Using state of the art CAD design software, we can design and build to exacting specification.

We use only tried and tested component suppliers, some of the best in the industry, components that we use on our own vehicles.

Our unique use of Nano technologies, in this industry, means we are able to build your habitation module, thermal-bridge free.

Ancillary services we provide:

  • Habitation module design
  • Vehicle delivery and collection
  • Vehicle storage
  • Torsion frame design
  • Tyre supply
  • Expedition vehicle sales
  • Stalled project completion

We are a UK company utilising the best of British engineering and fabrication and would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Let us help you build your dream!