“We have started to live in a world where nothing can be taken for granted, with the necessity to be prepared for the un-expected in any environment, any weather, and any terrain.”


K2 Offroad Caravans offer the 8ft wide utility / command unit in a single or twin axle variant, and between 16-24ft long, that can be fitted out to the exact customers requirements. The unique K2 chassis means the possibilities of use are endless, with some of the following ideas available:

  • Command Centre for any number of Emergency services – Police, Fire, Ambulance, Mountain Rescue, Coastguard, Military
  • First aid unit
  • Highly visible crowd control unit
  • Border control
  • Major incident planning
  • Mobile site office
  • Security & surveillance

This unique and innovative offroad vehicle can be used in the roughest terrain possible, for any situation that needs on site, off-road capability.


K2 can match the colour scheme to any of the emergency services, to include blue, red or yellow flashing lights and highly visible reflective graphics, double glazed windows and door/s in the designated place of choice. A very tough coating applied to the bottom half of the vehicle gives your team the confidence and reliability to take the command unit anywhere off the beaten track it needs to get to.


Think of the most inhospitable places, and now imagine your command unit being there.  K2 can build the interior with central heating and air-conditioning to provide comfort in the coldest or hottest of places.  Offering on board LPG gas systems, solar panels for all electrical needs and even under floor heating, enabling complete off-grid capabilities.

The list is on going, with the ability to install CCTV, 4G data systems, satellite communications equipment, TV monitors, work stations, rear ramp doors for ATV’s, beds for the wounded at a major incidents and kitchens, to name but a few.

Our designers can advise on a build plan and timescale with suitable specifications in mind.


K2 Offroad Command units are built on the first independent suspension systems for the UK. This is coupled to the K2 offroad chassis with twin shock absorbers on each wheel, keeping everything under control.  With the single axle taking a maximum weight of 2.9t and the twin axle taking 4.5t, the equipment that can be used in the unit is substantial.  The wheels have load ratings between 1200-1500kg and with the large ultra tough offroad tyres with puncture control systems, you can be confident in the fact that this vehicle will go anywhere.


Do you want unique or bespoke? We have our standard layouts, but can accommodate your own design and specification, please speak to us.

If you wish to email us, we can arrange a time for you to come over to our offices and we can talk through your requirements.

Electrical Systems

The complete electrical panel is at the touch of a button, from the gauges for the on-board water tanks to the LED lights.  Turn on the climate control, whilst returning from your outdoors adventure, to be welcomed back to a warm relaxing atmosphere.

To discuss your requirements please contact us by email or phone.